When you were a child, did you use to slide down the water slide? Do you still remember that thrill and happiness, sliding down towards the deep blue sea, towards freshness and pleasure?
It is that same feeling that comes back in a whirl as you exit the stone tunnel Pltve-Zavala, and notice the steep downhill of olive trees and vineyards, coming down towards Zavala, towards the deep blue sea. You feel WELCOME to this place, hoping you would come back again soon. 

The descent towards the sea is unique. It is as if you were sliding next to a expressionist painting full of movement, forms, gestures, where colors exhibit a scent, the light so strong, pouring additional strength into the entire landscape.
The Dalmatian, Hvar Mediterranean. Contradictory in its entirety. Tame and intensive, melancholic and incredibly cheerful. 

There in the distance, on the beach, at the end of the olive gardens and vineyards, miles of dry stones built by peasant workers, at the very end of that childhood water-slide is the Pension Marjan, the place where we meet.