Would you like to experience real and authentic yoga? Would you like to experience your higher self, touch your Centre (highest potential) and be happy? It is not something out of reach. It is utterly simple. An authentic experience of Yoga should culminate in an experience, which transcends the conceptual ego mind. It should result in quieting our busy mind and going beyond it. It is the key for awakening our heart, inner voice, intuition, and happiness and live a prosperous life. 
Experience the incredible magic and total peace through Yogi life style at this 7-day retreat in beautiful island Hvar and beautiful Villas Marjan - Pitve and Pansion Marjan - Zavala. These two properties, each different on its own way, has been handpicked, anchored in the sunniest island of the Adriatic, island Hvar. On you is to choose which one you prefer to stay.



Experienced Yogi Damir will support you in this summer fairy tale with his long and deep experience. Yoga retreat is a gift that we give to our soul, it is a time dedicated to physical regeneration, mental purification, and spiritual well-being.



•    An interesting and dynamic 7-day program managed by an experienced Yoga Teachers from Studio One Split:Damir Bozinovic, Ivana, Branka...
•    Pleasant combination of exercise, relaxation and education
•    Accommodation in a pleasant ambience of the Pitve and Zavala
•    Learn how to live according to your highest potential
•    Meditation techniques to calm the mind and emotions
•    Yoga and pranayama practices for stress management and rejuvenation
•    Learn how to strengthen your aura and protect yourself from negativity
•    Healthy delicious diet (vegetarian, vegan and other meals)
•    Daily yoga training
•    Cultivate good habits of success and happiness
•    Develop faith in your ability to live according to your highest potential
•    Enjoy the crystal clear sea, sun and lonely beaches
•    Massages every day – additional fee




English and Italian  



The week will flow in pleasant atmosphere. The program will contain methods and techniques for working on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Also, the program will help you to awake your inner powers, abilities, and potentials which are waiting to be awakened; otherwise our life could never become what it should be. Above all, listen to your heart. To know ourselves is to know the universe, for you are a microcosm of the macrocosm.
Also the program will focus on the social side of person's life so there will be an exchange of thoughts on various aspects of life from a yogi perspective. We will also enjoy in healthy food, yoga classes in nature.
If you have decided to experience real yoga and shift gears you will find this course to be the perfect guide. This is a journey to the Centre of your Being.

Your daily schedule: 

•    06:30 - 07:00 Awakening with tea
•    07:00 - 08:30 Yoga practices (sunrise meditation, asana, pranayama)
•    08:30 Breakfast
•    12:00 - 13:30 Lessons (conversations, yoga philosophy, guided meditation)
•    13:30 Lunch
•    14:00 - 18:30 Free time (swimming, relax) 
•    18:30 - 19:30 Afternoon relaxing yoga and meditation
•    19:30 Dinner
•    20:30 - 21:30 Evening program, gathering, theory, talks...

These program includes two free excursion. One is with boat on island ŠÄ‡edro and second one is on top of island Hvar. 

What is included:

•    Full board vegan and organic meals
•    7 nights accommodation
•    Daily yoga and meditation practice
•    2 excursions
•    Theory, talks and exercises twice a day
•    Daily meditation session
•    All yoga equipment and accessories

Evening events:

•    Once a month: candlelight meditation
•    Once a week: movie night showing yoga documentaries
•    Once a month: full moon meditation


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

What to bring: 

Please bring comfort and natural clothing. In case of occasional rain or cooling, don't forget sweater and socks. Also you can bring your own yoga mat but there will be enough yoga mats. 

Studio One - Split Yoga Teachers and Villas and Pansion Marjan welcomes all who are seeking higher meaning and deeper values in life and who wants to experience benefits of yoga in everyday life. 

The price for accommodation, food and teaching, for 7 days is 700,00 EUR per person in double room. Price for single room with all service is 750,00 EUR per person.

Special prices for participants of the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course.