Family Marjan has been living on Hvar for generations, sharing its fate, using its wealth. Not long ago, the residents of Hvar used to live purely of cultivation of olives, vineyards, fishing and lavender. The growth and the development of tourism has changed that. People emigrate, the old trades and crafts are being forgotten, and the close connection with the nature is slowly being lost.

The modern age requires new ideas, fresh attempts and imposes fresh challenges. We have come to understand that the knowledge and traditions we inherit require a smart shift in approach towards that which we do and know, instead of ignoring it. This way we were able to bring our skills, ground cultivation and production to a higher level. This new production, presentation and promotion of our own products has improved our and the island’s need for quality products. We have provided our guests with an authentic experience and preserved the manufacturing tradition for new generations, which is something which we are really proud of.


The accommodation and stay in Pension Marjan or Stone Villas Marjan
has been made complete with a range of autochthonic products.

This is what makes the experience of Hvar complete, real and direct.

We invite you to enjoy our white wines Bogdanjuša, Muskat and red wine Plavac. 




Besides wine, we make liqueurs according to old recipes:
from medlar, herbs, sour cherries, walnuts, lemons.

We make orange, sour cherry, lemon jams, spice salt, oregano,
arancine, camomile, sage and mint tea; plant creams and oils, …