Dalmatian cuisine

Gastronomy is one of the key ingredients of every tourist offer.

The Dalmatian/Croatian gastronomic offer has followed the same doctrine shift in tourism, as well. 

We owe it to numerous top chefs, gurus, Bonkulović delicacies, gourmands and adventurers such as Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Stephan Macchi, Veljko Barbijeri, Ana Ugarković, David Skoko and many, many others who have publicly, as well as in the “comfort” of their own kitchens, been rediscovering the Dalmatian gastronomy - refreshed, void of the unnecessary, focused only on its essence: its freshness, home-grown ingredients, and product. The global gastronomical trends have definitely been helping us in this so-called movement in the kitchens of our restaurants, and accompanying services as well.



Gastronomic offer is once again authentic and self-aware.


For those who are unfamiliar with Dalmatian cuisine, it is important to say that, like most of Mediterranean cuisines, it was founded on the Eastern and Western influences, drawing its essence from its region. The essential ingredients are olives, olive oil, fish (especially pelagic fish), sea shells, crabs, onion (Croat. “kapula), garlic, mangold, lamb, marrow-stem kale, prosciutto, pancetta, etc. 

There are, of course, many others, but these few ingredients/produce are quite essential for most of the regional specialties. The complexity of the simplicity, the combination of tastes that comes from it, and the awareness that these tastes are indeed antique Roman and Greek heritage, Medieval monasteries, Venetian Republic and Byzantium conquests, who enriched and used these ingredients in many different ways – this is the richness of the Dalmatian cuisine. 

The simple preparation, the freshness of ingredients, the heritage recipes – this is the cuisine that we cherish, our heritage that we wish to share with you.


Your great appetite, makes our day a delight!