The times when all you needed for a quality rest were the sun and the sea are all over. Although we are located on the sunniest island in Croatia, dipped into alluring clear sea, we are aware of the fact that a modern tourist longs for a complete experience and adventure. We have made it possible to experience the island from every possible angle, height, speed and challenge, and adventures. On the other hand, we have not neglected the peace and quiet of our Pension Marjan, where after all these experiences, impressions and physical challenges you will want to enjoy in an oasis of comfort. Here you can relax, exchange your experiences and prepare for new challenges the next day. The physical activities and recreation in a place such as Zavala are a perfect combo to a balanced vacation. Recreation is followed by peace and contemplation. Dipped into the deep blue Mediterranean, you will forget about time, but certainly not the food :)


Letting go of gravitation and giving yourself to the weightless state in the deep blue Croatian undersea is an unfathomable experience. 


The tameness of the Zavala coastline, numerous pebbled beaches, docks and jetties protect Zavala against the strong wind. Whether you’re playing in the puddle or swimming far away, you will feel safe, as if you were in an enormous blue swimming pool of crystal-clear water. In case you forget to bring swimming goggles, fins or other swimming equipment, our staff will gladly be of service. 

Underwater fishing

Adrenaline and the physical and mental challenge of underwater fishing are contagious. Fortunately, the undersea of Hvar is rich in fish. In case you’re not an experienced fisherman, we advise caution when handling fishing tools and be careful not to fish in the beach area, and areas populated with bathers. Everything else is at your disposal, for pleasure and entertainment, and very likely a gastronomic experience as well. Our chefs will gladly share their preparation of fish and seafood. Sports – Recreation – Gastronomy. What a vacation!

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Renting water scooters or boats

Here’s your chance to make that perfect postcard picture, “sail into the sunset”. But do come back! :)

Sail off, explore the nearby bays, take a swim, sunbathe, organize a short outing or simply “escape” into the silence, the rhythm of waves or catch the wind and speed in your hair, sun and salt on your skin.

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Trips to nearby Šćedro

A quiet boat trip to a pearl-islet with the history of monastery life. This is a place of solitude, allegoric idyll of the Adriatic Mediterranean.

The islet of Šćedro (Turis)

The small island is situated 2700 m from Zavala. It was named after an old Slavic word “šćedro” which means merciful, i.e. merciful island. Šćedro, therefore, is essential for its two boat berths: port Moster and Veliki port. Here on this island, which undoubtedly holds a sacral connotation, there is a property of a Dominican monastery built at the end of the 15th century, at the place where there used to be the Chapel of St. Mary. Due to the constant pirate attacks, the residents abandoned the monastery at the end of the 18th century. Today there are a few people in Šćedro who have taverns and restaurants famous for quality food. In fact, there are certain forest areas here where quality grapes ripe, which are turned into great wine, and the little brackwater ensures life even during dry season.

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Sailing and cruising enthusiasts can rent a charter and sail along the islands of Hvar and central Dalmatia. There’s something special in changing the pace of vacation, exchange the solid ground for swinging sea and make every waking up unique. Zavala and Board House Marjan, your safe harbor, await you.

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Walking and Hiking

The highest peaks of the island of Hvar are located just above Zavala, en route between Zavala and Sv. Nedjelja. The highest peak is Sv. Nikola, with the Chapel of St. Nicolas. This chain of peaks is actually a row of unimaginable belvedere just above central Dalmatian islands.


Important: Wear appropriate sturdy trekking and hiking shoes, not sandals or soft footwear; take with you plenty of fluid and nutrition; sunblock, cap, sunglasses and a cellphone; notify the Board House Marjan personnel that you’re going hiking.


A longer walk in the summer is physically quite demanding, regardless of age. We also recommend you keep to the importance notices above. Walking along Zavala and southern coastline or fields of Hvar is best compared to walking over a huge patchwork of different atmospheres and sightings. It’s a kind of a large platter full of fruit, different in taste, scent and color. Enjoy!



Fortunately, Hvar/Zavala is connected with tarmac and macadam pathways, resembling the Hvar lace, densely throughout the island. Visitors yearning for a quiet exploration ride can use the tarmac roads, wonderful belvederes and resting spots. Adrenaline junkies and off-road enthusiasts may use the attractive field tracks and pathways. Be careful, there are numerous wild agave varietal around the island!


Panoramic flights

The only thing left to do after all these activities is to – fly! So let’s fly!
This is a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of panoramic flight, such as all omnipresent seagulls take every day. Take our word for it, Hvar is equally fascinating from above, equally magnificent. Hvar looks like a giant whale stranded in the middle of the sea.  We believe the “whale” simply refuses to leave, realizing it has found an ideal place, a perfect place to stay.